Transfer a radio licence

You can transfer your radio licences to another party at any time. Your licences must be current to do this.

What you need to know

The entity the licence(s) is being transferred to must be a client in the Register of Radio Frequencies (RRF). 

Both parties need to:

  • have their username and password handy
  • know the radio licence number(s) that is being transferred.

The current licence holder initiates the transfer and the proposed licence holder will need to confirm the transfer.

If you don't confirm the transfers within 1 month of being initiated, they will revert back to the current licence holder.


  • The current licence holder is the Transferor.
  • The proposed licence holder is the Transferee.


This process is completed by the current licence holder (Transferer).

  1. Logon to the RRF(external link) with your username and password.
  2. Select Request Radio Licence Transfer from the Manage Licences menu. A list of your current radio licences is returned in the Request Licence Transfer screen . They will be ordered by Licence ID.
  3. Select [Search Client] to find the client you want to transfer your licence(s) to. This will bring up the Client Search screen. Search clients in the RRF
  4. Select the radio button next to the client number you want to choose and then click [Select]. The Request Licence Transfer screen displays the New Licence Holder details and a list of your current licences in Licence ID order. You can sort your licences by any of the column headers that have an arrow.
  5. Tick the Transfer box of the licence(s) you want to transfer, then select [Request Transfer]. A pop-up box will ask if you want to proceed with the transfer.
    Note - some licences will show a Reason why you cannot select that licence for transfer.
    • 'Associated licence' - the licence is associated with a primary licence in the list immediately above. Transferring the primary licence will also transfer the associated licence(s).
    • 'Renewal payment process started' - the licence is associated with an invoice as part of the annual licence fee renewal process. You cannot transfer the licence until the fee is paid. See Renew your licence.
    • 'Fixed term licence' - the licence has an expiry date and is therefore for a fixed term period. You cannot transfer the licence.
  6. Select [OK] to continue with the transfer. You'll get a message advising your transfer request has been recorded. The licence tick box is now deactivated.
  7. An email will be sent to the Transferee advising that they need to confirm the transfer.

Things to note:

  • The client number for the licence transfers shows in the New Client column. You can select the hyperlink to view the client details.
  • Where a licence has one or more associated licences, they will be listed below the primary licence. The transfer process will transfer all associated licences.

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