Mobile phone boosters

If you are thinking about buying or using a mobile booster or repeater you should check with your mobile service provider first. Many mobile boosters can interfere with the wider cellular network causing dropped calls, garbled messages and even network failure.

What is a mobile phone booster

A mobile booster also known as signal boosters, repeaters, or amplifiers, are used to improve the strength and quality of telecommunications signals on your devices that use the mobile network such as your cell phone or tablet. It works by listening to existing signal and rebroadcasting (repeating) it. This can help improve mobile signal to your devices so you have better data speeds and call quality.

Why you might consider a booster

A mobile booster can be a good solution if your home, workplace, or vehicle has poor mobile coverage. They will not work where there is no mobile coverage.

Before investing in a mobile booster you should check with your mobile network operator to make sure it would be a good solution. There may be a coverage fault or upgrade pending in your area, or there might be another option they recommend.

What to look out for 

Mobile boosters also broadcast a signal, so it’s important they use the correct radio frequencies and are setup correctly to work with your mobile phone network. Most mobile boosters available online aren’t configured specifically for New Zealand networks and will cause radio interference here without coordination with your network operator. Some online vendors may claim to have devices that are approved or are designed specifically for the New Zealand markets, this may not be true and your network operator will be able to point you in the right direction.

Unapproved mobile boosters may:

  • Not work reliably, or at all
  • Cause interference for your neighbours. (E.g., your improved mobile signal may mean your neighbours can’t call an ambulance)
  • Leave you out of pocket (and still with poor mobile coverage)
  • Have legal implications. Radio interference is serious, and you could face legal consequences.

Where to get a mobile booster

First, check with your mobile network provider if they have mobile boosters available and if it would be a good solution for your location.

The NZ Telecommunications Forum (TCF) has more information about mobile boosters, including links to providers selling equipment that is approved by New Zealand mobile networks.

Mobile boosters(external link) — NZ Telecommunications Forum (

Mobile boosters purchased from other sources (not from your mobile provider, or a TCF recommended provider) are likely to cause interference if used in New Zealand.