• Current projects

    We've developed a five year work programme to manage the growing demands that impact on the use of the radio spectrum.

  • Completed projects

    In this section you can find information about projects we've recently completed.

  • Consultations

    We often consult with the public on the work we're doing. When this happens we will publish a consultation document and ask for feedback.

  • Expressions of Interest

    This section is where you can find calls for expressions of interest in sound broadcasting licences, and notifications of applications for Managed Spectrum Park licences.

  • Auctions

    The Radiocommunications Act 1989 doesn't specify any particular allocation mechanism for radio spectrum. Initially spectrum was sold using a tender system. The first auction was held in 1996, making New Zealand the first country to sell rights to use spectrum in this way. An internet-based computer system was developed for the second auction, held in 1998.