Statements of Government Policy and Directions

The Minister for the Digital Economy and Communications can issue Statements of Policy and Directions to guide us in administering radio spectrum in New Zealand.

Reserved frequencies in 2023

During 2023, the Minister directed new radio licences can't be granted in some frequency ranges except on a short term basis. This means the current list of reserved frequencies are:

  • 184 MHz – 210 MHz;
  • 1427 MHz – 1525 MHz;
  • 1730 MHz – 1740 MHz;
  • 1825 MHz – 1835 MHz;
  • 1900 MHz – 1910 MHz;
  • 5875 MHz – 5925 MHz; and
  • 24 250 MHz – 27 500 MHz

The Minister reserved these frequencies for possible new uses, subject to future government decision. Short-term new licences are permitted for the trial of new technologies, or the operation of specific short term events.

Licences in these bands

Contact an Approved Radio Engineer or Certifier (ARE or ARC) if you’re interested in applying for a short-term licence in one of these bands.

List of approved engineers and examiners

If you already hold a licence in the reserved bands, you can apply for additional licences to maintain coverage of your existing services.

If you want to move your service to an alternative frequency in anticipation of any possible future use, contact us. We can help you choose a new frequency.

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The current Policy Statement is on the Gazette website.

Statement of Government Policy and Directions to the Secretary for Business, Innovation and Employment(external link)