• Public information brochures (PIBs)

    Public Information Brochures (PIBs) provide licensing and other general information on a range of common radio services such as CB Radio, Amateur Radio and Maritime VHF Radio. It also details radio spectrum usage, fixed and mobile service band plans and the radio licensing policies that apply in New Zealand.

  • Chart of radio spectrum allocations in New Zealand

    This chart gives a visual representation of radio spectrum allocation and usage in New Zealand.

  • Radio Spectrum Management Compliance Guide

    The information in this guide will help radio spectrum users and suppliers of electrical, electronic and radio products to comply with legislative requirements.

  • Codes of practice

    Codes of Practice are guidelines for suppliers and installers to minimise the likelihood of causing interference.

  • Spectrum outlook and annual reports

    An overview of our activities and upcoming work plans.

  • Gazette Notices

    This section has the Gazette Notices relevant to Radio Spectrum Management — including General User Radio Licences, product compliance and prohibited equipment notices.

  • Aero-FMBC coordination processes

    Aero-FMBC Coordination Process documents the requirements for FMBC, LPFM, ILS, and VOR coordination.

  • Digital television channel usage table

    This table contains information relating to the use of digital television channels for digital terrestrial television broadcasting in New Zealand. It does not give any detail on non-television use.

  • Electric fence interference check

    A five step check to be followed if you are experiencing interference with your phone line or internet connection from an electric fence.

  • Radio Frequency Interference Investigation and Resolution Guide

    This document serves as a guide to locating and identifying Radio Frequency Interference (RFI) sources. The information provided outlines some common causes of interference and suggests a methodology to resolving them.