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The transmission of radio waves is prohibited except in accordance with a radio licence, a general user radio licence or an exemption. Radio Spectrum Management issues these types of licences to users of the New Zealand radio spectrum.

Read more here about the different types of licences issued, licence fees, radio operator certificates and callsigns, and the process for obtaining, cancelling, renewing or modifying licences. Information about and for approved radio engineers, certifiers and examiners can also be found below.

Licensing in New Zealand

Every Radio Transmitter in New Zealand must be licenced by a radio licence, a spectrum licence a General User Licence or have an exemption from licensing.

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How do I?

This information is designed to help you navigate the Register of Radio Frequencies (the Register).

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Types of licences

Key information on the various types of radio and spectrum licences.

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List of Engineers & Examiners

The certification of radio and spectrum licences; and the examining for and issuing of radio operator certificates is now done by independent persons known as Approved Persons. The details of these approved persons can be found in the lists of engineers and examiners.

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Information for ARE/ARC/ARX

Resources for approved persons who carry out work on behalf of radio spectrum users.

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Licence fees

Radio Spectrum Management (RSM) collects annual licence fees for current radio and spectrum licences. Find out more about these fees and why RSM collects them.

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Radio operator certificates and callsigns

Most operators of radio transmitters in the aeronautical, amateur and maritime services are required to hold a relevant radio operator certificate of competency, and to use a callsign for identification purposes. Find out how to apply for a radio operator certificate or a callsign.

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Find spectrum allocations in New Zealand?

Radio frequency bands are planned for various services in accordance with Government policy directives, international practices, and technical standards.

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Last updated 5 April 2017