Resources for Approved Radio Examiners

This page lists useful resources for Approved Radio Examiners (ARXs).

Public Information Brochures (PIBs)

Requirements for Approved Radio Examiners (PIB 45)

This document sets out the requirements to be eligible to become an approved radio examiner (ARX) (approved person). It describes the application process and the professional qualifications you need to have to get ARX status.

You must hold a legal entity status of a 'natural person'. A business entity can't hold an approved person status, but they can employ or contract an approved person to do their work.

Radio Operator Certificate and Callsign Rules (PIB 46)

This document outlines the rules approved radio examiners (ARX) must follow when issuing radio operator’s certificates of competency and radio callsigns. They include the regulatory aspects you must consider when undertaking these activities.

Legal entities for the purposes of the Radiocommunications Act 1989 (PIB 47)

PIB 47 is designed to assist in the identification of the legal entity status of new clients before they can be recorded in the Register of Radio Frequencies (RRF). Under no circumstance will Radio Spectrum Management (RSM) grant a licence to an organisation that doesn't have legal entity status.

RRF user guides

These user guides are intended for use by approved persons (Approved Radio Engineers, Radio Certifiers and Radio Examiners). They provide help with using the Register of Radio Frequencies (RRF) to provide licensing and registration services.

See also How to create a new client in the RRF, which has been written for approved persons who are setting up new clients in the RRF.