• Buying electrical and electronic products in New Zealand

    If you're thinking of buying new electrical, electronic or radio products, there's a few things you need to consider first — regardless of whether you’re buying from a retailer in NZ, shopping online or buying overseas.

  • Interference

    Interference is caused by unwanted radio signals that degrade or interrupt radiocommunication and broadcasting services. It can affect the quality of your reception or communication, cause a temporary loss of signal, or even prevent reception.

  • Compliance information for suppliers

    As a supplier, you're responsible for making sure your products comply with New Zealand regulations before you supply them to the market. Find out what steps to take to make sure you're compliant, what happens if you're not, and why it matters.

  • Compliance information for licence holders

    Find out about compliance requirements for holders of radio and spectrum licences and radio transmitter users, and our compliance programme — including audits.

  • Guidance for wireless internet service providers (WISPs)

    Find out the rules for operating wifi devices in the 5GHz band in New Zealand.