Certificates & callsigns

Find out how to transfer a ship callsign and maintain certificates and callsigns.

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Transfer a ship callsign for ARX

Guidance is available for Approved Radio Examiners (ARX) on transferring an individual ship callsign to another entity in the Register of Radio Frequencies (RRF).

You can find this guidance in the ‘Transfer a ship callsign’ section of the 'Maintaining certificates and callsigns' user guide.

Maintain certificates and callsigns [PDF, 1.7 MB]

A client of the RRF can transfer their individual ship callsign to another entity in the RRF by either:

  • following the steps in the 'Maintain certificates and callsigns document' above
  • contacting an ARX for help.

Maintaining certificates and callsigns

This step-by-step user guide shows ARX how to:

  • create a new certificate or callsign record
  • update existing certificate or callsign records.

Maintain certificates and callsigns  [PDF, 1.7 MB]

Training video: Callsigns and Certificates

Explains how to apply for amateur licences and callsigns, create callsigns records for a ship and Aids to Navigation (AtoN).