What you need to know

Television white space equipment operates in the unused frequency gaps between high power television broadcast stations. You can use these frequencies to connect your radio services across a district for example.

You must get an Approved Radio Engineer (ARE) to apply for a licence on your behalf.

If you cause interference to broadcasting television services, you must stop transmitting.


$150.00 per year (uni-directional service)

$300.00 per year (bi-directional service)

Additional costs:

An engineering fee, agreed between you and your ARE.

With this licence you must:

Follow the technical parameters of the licence that is granted to you. This includes operating:

  • on the assigned frequency between 510 – 608 MHz
  • up to a set power
  • from a defined transmitting location to a defined receiving location.

Pay an annual fee to keep your licence current.

Not operate in a way that causes interference to other licensed services.


  1. Confirm that the TVWS licence is what you need.

  2. Complete and submit the TVWS useage survey

    See Appendix 8 of PIB 39

    This tells us about the services you intend to deliver.

  3. Once your the licence is certified you’ll get an email

    Follow the instructions in the email to confirm your licence.

    Make payment if requested.

  4. You’ll receive a further email, confirming that your licence has been granted.

    This contains important information that you need to know about transmitting on your new licence.

  5. Set up your equipment in line with your licence conditions.

  6. Start transmitting from the date on your licence.