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Get a licence

There are three simple steps to applying for a New Zealand radio or spectrum licence.

  1. Engage a Radio Spectrum Management (RSM) approved radio engineer or certifier (ARE or ARC)
  2. Pay for your licence
  3. Receive your licence.


What type of licence do I need?

All radio and spectrum licences are recorded in the Register of Radio Frequencies, and are granted according to the type of service that is required.


Who may hold a licence?

To hold a New Zealand radio or spectrum licence you must be a legal entity.


Choose a RSM approved Radio Engineer or Certifier (ARE or ARC)

  • The ARE or ARC can complete the licence application for you
  • The ARE or ARC may charge you an engineering fee. This fee is separate to the annual fee and should be negotiated between both parties before starting your application.

Please choose an ARE or ARC from the list of RSM Approved Radio Engineers and Certifiers (ARE or ARC).

Note | If you are not a registered client with RSM your nominated ARE or ARC can set up a client account for you. Alternatively, you can register as a client.


Confirm and pay your annual licence fees

Your licence may be subject to an annual fee. When your licence has been certified, you will receive email instructions to go online and;

  • Logon to confirm your licence details, and
  • Pay for licence fees.

When your licence fees have been paid, your licence can be granted.

Note | If you do not have an email address, please discuss your options with your ARE or ARC.


If I don’t have a logon, how do I get one?

An activation code will be emailed to you when your client account is set up.

You will need to activate your client account to allow you to logon to the Register.

If you can’t find your existing activation code you can request an activation code online. An email address is required.


When can I transmit on my licence?

You will be advised by email when your licence has been granted. Transmission can then begin.

Note | If you do not have an email address, ask your ARE or ARC to advise when your licence has been granted.


How can I view my licence?

All granted licences can be searched online in the Register. You do not need a logon to search for a current licence.


Last updated 14 January 2015