Resources for Approved Radio Certifiers and Engineers

This page lists useful resources for Approved Radio Certifiers (ARCs) and Engineers (AREs).


Public information brochures (PIBs)

Public information brochures (PIBs) detail radio spectrum usage, fixed and mobile service band plans and the radio licensing policies that apply in New Zealand.

Gazette Notices

Gazette Notices relevant to Radio Spectrum Management — including General User Radio Licences, product compliance and prohibited equipment notices.

RRF user guides

These user guides are intended for use by approved persons (Approved Radio Engineers, Radio Certifiers and Radio Examiners). They provide help with using the Register of Radio Frequencies (RRF) to provide licensing and registration services.

See also How to create a new client in the RRF, which has been written for approved persons who are setting up new clients in the RRF.


Chart of radio spectrum allocations in New Zealand

This chart gives a visual representation of radio spectrum allocation and usage in New Zealand. You can also download a full-size printable version of the radio spectrum allocation chart.

dBW/Watts converter

This page contains a converter that converts a dBW power level to its equivalent value in Watts (and vice versa).

Spectrum Search Lite

Spectrum Search Lite is a graphical software tool designed to search and display data contained in the Register of Radio Frequencies (RRF).

Find out which licence you need

Interactive guides help you find out which licence type is applicable to your needs.