Create a radio licence

A step-by-step guide for approved radio engineers and certifiers to create, certify and confirm a new radio licence in the Register of Radio Frequencies.

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Create a radio licence - high level steps

  1. Log into the RRF(external link) using RealMe.
  2. Search for the client ( or select the client to change your profile).
  3. Select Apply/Create > Licence to display the ‘Apply for a New Licence’ screen.
  4. Enter name of the Client and select the Licence type.
  5. Complete other mandatory fields for selected type of licence.
    • If the licence does not require crafting, (e.g. Maritime, Aeronautical, Land mobile):
      • Click Submit.
      • Review details of the submitted licence to check all details are correct.
      • Go to step 10.
    • If the licence requires crafting, (e.g. for a two frequency repeater or fixed point to point bi-directional licence):
      • Click Submit.
      • Go to step 6.
  6. Craft the primary licence: 
    • Record the basic details and save.
    • Record the Spectrum details, Transmit location details, Receive Location details and Conditions and save.
    • Click Done for each section.
  7. Click Create Associated Record (to create the associated record based on the primary licence you created).
    • Click the associated licence link under Associations.
    • Expand each section to edit and craft the associated licence and save.
    • Click Done for each section.
    • Click the Back button to return to the Primary licence screen.
  8. Review details of the new licence and click Certify.
  9. Click Confirm.
  10. Pay for the licence.
  11. Receive an email to advise the radio licence has been registered.

Download the document

Create a radio licence [PDF, 2 MB]

Training video: Engineered Licence Applications

Showcases how to apply and create certificates for a licence, select profiles using delegations, and the granting licence process.