Transfer a radio licence

You can transfer your radio licences to another party at any time. Your licences must be current to do this.

What you need to know

The entity the licence(s) is being transferred to must be a client in the Register of Radio Frequencies (RRF)(external link).
Both parties need to:

  • have a RealMe account and access to RRF
  • know the radio licence number(s) that is being transferred.

The current licence holder initiates the transfer, and the proposed licence holder needs to confirm the transfer.
The licence you transfer must have no debt and must be paid at least until the date of the transfer.

  • If the licence has associated licences, these will also be transferred.
  • If the licence has a callsign associated to it, the callsign will be transferred to the new licence owner.
  • A ‘Fixed term’ licence has an expiry date for a fixed term period. If the Transferee doesn’t confirm the transfers within 1 month of being initiated, they will revert to the current licence holder.


  • The current licence holder is the Transferor.
  • The proposed licence holder is the Transferee.

Request a radio licence transfer

This process is completed by the current licence holder (Transferor).

  1. Logon to the RRF(external link) using your RealMe login.
  2. Select the profile to use (e.g. client you have delegated authority for).
  3. Select Maintain > Licence  > Transfer. The ‘Request Transfer’ screen displays.
    • The name of the client you have delegated authority for displays in the Current Licence holder section.
  4. Enter the client number (or name) in the New Client field and search for the of the client the licence is to be transferred to.
  5. In the Licences to be transferred section, search for the licence(s) to transfer to this client.
    • If there is only one licence, enter the licence number in the Search field.
    • If transferring multiple licences, select the required option(s) in the Licence type field, and select Radio in the Licence Category field.
  6. Click Search. The results display.
    • Click the Select check box on the left of each licence you want to transfer or click the Select check box in the header to select all results in the list.

Note: Where a licence has associated licences, they will be listed below the primary licence. The transfer process will transfer all associated licences.

  1. Click Request Transfer. A message confirmation displays.
  2. Click Yes to continue. You return to the ‘My Dashboard’ screen.
    • A message displays at the top of the screen advising the transfer has been recorded and an email sent to the nominated transferee.

Note: You can withdraw a licence transfer request at any time prior to the Transferee confirming the transfer. Refer to Withdraw radio licence transfer - Transferor.

The Transferee will confirm this request to complete the transfer by completing the process, Confirm radio licence transfer - Transferee.

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