Modify a spectrum licence

You'll need to modify a licence when the basic details, technical parameters, or the conditions of the licence need changing.

Modifications to the technical parameters of a spectrum licence such as the location, output power, antenna horizontal radiation pattern, receive coverage locations or date amendment require a Form 8 Notice of modification of spectrum licence to be submitted online in the Register of Radio Frequencies (RRF).

The current rightholder (holder of the spectrum licence) or the manager (manager of management right) can request an Approved Radio Engineer (ARE)(external link) to modify a spectrum licence depending on the authority to modify the licence. Authorities can be found under the licence conditions when searching the RRF.

When the ARE completes the engineering certification, the authorised user then confirms the modification which automatically generates the Form 8 task and sends this to the requesting party.

The requesting party (i.e. rightholder or manager) will review the online Form 8 and submit it to either the Registrar of Radio Frequencies for registration, or to the other party (i.e. rightholder or manager) for approval prior to registration. If applicable the other party will submit the Form 8 to the Registrar.

A Form 8 that intends to modify a spectrum licence is not valid until it is registered in the RRF.

If applicable both parties will be electronically notified by the Registrar once the modification has been registered. The licence can then be viewed when searching the RRF.