Pay for a modified licence

You may need to pay licence fees when your licence is modified.

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How you'll know to make payment

Radio licences

You'll be notified by email when your modified licence application has passed engineering certification and your planned licence(s) have been created.

You'll only pay fees if you modify your radio licence in the month that your annual licence fee renewal is due. This will be on the anniversary month as shown on the ‘Licence Summary’ screen in the Register of Radio Frequencies (RRF).

To search for the licence, go to Search the RRF(external link)

Spectrum licences

If your annual licence fees are due for your spectrum licence, the fee does not have to be paid as part of the Modify spectrum licence process.

Modify a spectrum licence

Process for radio licences

To pay for your modified radio licence, you need to first follow steps in the Modify radio licence process.

Modify a radio licence

When you click Pay Fees you are taken to the QuickPay portal and view to fees then pay.

Make a payment

When a radio licence is modified, the original licence is cancelled when we grant the modified licence. A new licence number is issued at the time of granting. Spectrum Licence numbers don't change during modification as they undergo a different process.