View client transactions

You can quickly check in the Register of Radio Frequencies (RRF) and view transactions for clients invoiced, paid or unpaid.

You view client transactions to see the status and/or view a PDF of the invoice and download, if required.

  1. Select the Register of Radio Frequencies (RRF)(external link)in the top right of the RSM Website.
  2. Login using your RealMe Login. The ‘My Dashboard’ screen displays.
  3. Select the role or client you represent.
  4. Select Pay Fees > View [client name] Transactions from the menu. The QuickPay ‘Research’ screen displays.
  5. Enter or select your search criteria. For example:
    • Search For: My Transactions
    • Type: Invoices
    • Status: Open
    • Date range: (From and To), if required.
  6. Click Search. The search results display.
  7. To view an invoice, click the link under the Number column to display a PDF of the invoice.
    • Download a copy to your computer, if required.
    • Click Close to return to the search results list.
  8. Click Cancel to close the QuickPay ‘Research’ screen and return to the ‘My Dashboard’ screen.