Decline radio licence transfer - Transferee

You can decline radio licence transfer(s) at any time unless the current licence holder (Transferor) withdraws the licence transfer(s).

What you need to know

We'll send you an email when the licence transfer request(s) have been submitted by the current licence holder. You need to log on to the Register of Radio Frequencies (RRF) and complete the licence transfer(s).

If you decline the transfers, we'll send the Transferor an email advising of this.

Transfer roles:

  • The current licence holder is the Transferor.
  • The receiver or proposed licence holder is the Transferee.

Decline request to transfer radio licence

  1. Logon to the RRF(external link) using your RealMe login.
  2. Select Maintain > Licence > Accept/Decline Transfer. The ‘Accept/Decline Transfer’ screen displays with the licence transfer request(s) listed.
  3. Click the Select check box for want licence transfer request you want to decline.
  4. Click Decline. A confirmation message displays.
  5. Click Yes to continue. The screen refreshes and the licence transfer request(s) selected to decline no longer display.
    • A message displays at the top of the screen advising the selected transfer requests have been declined and an email has been sent to the current licence holder.

Note: The declined Transfer radio licence requests are deleted, and the licences remain with the current licence holder.