Managed spectrum park licences

The 2.5 GHz Managed Spectrum Park (MSP) licence is intended for local and regional services. It's designed to encourage a flexible, cooperative, low cost and self-managed approach to spectrum allocation and use.

About Managed Spectrum Park (MSP) licences

The licensed band consists of 40 MHz of spectrum from 2575 MHz - 2620 MHz. You agree to share the block of spectrum by means of licensing, or employing compatible equipment capable of sharing the same spectrum.

MSP licences are allocated following an expression of interest process, which may involve a ballot if applicants can't agree to share. To ensure the spectrum is efficiently utilised, services must be implemented within 2 years of allocation.

More details about MSP are in the following documents:

Allocation Rules [PDF, 431 KB]

Park Rules [PDF, 261 KB]

Licence Agreement [PDF, 359 KB]

If you want more information about MSP licences, contact the Crown Spectrum Asset Manager on


You'll pay:

  • an annual licence fee of $150.00 per year, and
  • a spectrum resource rental according to the number of licenced base stations, taking into account the population served in each Territorial Local Authority (TLA). This is calculated as shown in the box below.

Annual resource rental charge for MSP licences

This charge is calculated as follows:

  • An annual Managed Spectrum Park management charge, at the rate of $200 per base transmitter, to a maximum of $1,000, plus
  • An annual resource rental (per MHz) = a/b x c/20 x d, where:
    • a = the population in the most recent census of each Territorial Local Authority in which the Licence has a Licence Area
    • b = the population of New Zealand in the most recent census
    • c = $20,346, being the average price per MHz for a 20-year right, paid in Auction No. 9 (of the 2.3 GHz and 2.5 GHz bands, held in December 2007)
    • d = percentage increase in the Consumer Price Index since 1 January 2008.

MSP ballot process

MSP Application process flowchart [PDF, 51 KB]

If there are competing applicants for an advertised MSP licence, and the parties aren't able to agree on an acceptable solution, we'll hold a ballot process to eliminate one or more of the competing applications.

See Managed Spectrum Park ballot process for more information.