• Get a licence

    Information on how to apply for a radio or spectrum licence in the Register of Radio Frequencies (RRF), as well as what you need to do first.

  • Get a certificate and/or callsign

    If you operate radio transmitters in the amateur or maritime services you must hold a radio operator's certificate of competency and use a callsign for identification purposes.

  • Pay a licence

    All radio and spectrum licence holders must pay licence fees. The fees vary for the licence type you hold.

  • Cancel a licence

    You can cancel unwanted radio and spectrum licences at any time in the Register of Radio Frequencies (RRF).

  • Modify a licence

    You'll need to modify a radio or spectrum licence when the basic details, technical parameters, or the conditions of the licence need changing.

  • Transfer a licence

    You can transfer your radio licences to another party at any time. Your licences must be current to do this.

  • Register or discharge a mortgage

    Spectrum mortgages apply to management rights and spectrum licences. They act as security of payment for these spectrum assets. Only a manager or rightholder of the spectrum asset can register or discharge a mortgage.

  • Lodge or withdraw a caveat

    A spectrum caveat is a legal claim to a management right or spectrum licence held by another person or organisation. It can transfer a management right or spectrum licence to any other person to be held in trust.

  • Use the Register of Radio Frequencies (RRF)

    The RRF is our online system where radio and spectrum licensing is carried out and radio callsigns and certificates of competency are managed and recorded.

  • Find an engineer or examiner

    Approved Radio Engineers (AREs) and Certifiers (ARCs) can help you determine if you need a licence for your radio service. Most licence types require engineering certification by an ARE or ARC.

    Approved Radio Examiners (ARXs) can conduct radio operator examinations, issue radio operator certificates, and issue callsigns for maritime and amateur radio operators.