Extracting licence data

Data Extracts is a licensing function only available to RSM approved users. It enables these users to search and extract licence, management right and client data to a file for further analysis.

Before you begin

To extract (export) data you must be and approved user and logged into the RRF using RealMe.

Export licence search results

Authorised users have the option to export their search results to a csv file. The exported information contains the details and attributes of each licence displayed in the search screen.

If you have multiple pages of search results, you must export each page of results separately.

  1. Perform your search using the steps in Search licences or Area search (licences), Search certificates, Search callsigns, Search management rights, or Search aid to navigation (AtoN).
  2. Change the number of search results to display per page (if required).
    • Alternatively, change the search filter(s) and perform the search again.
  3. Click Export file.
    • A link to the exported csv file displays at the bottom of your screen, (e.g. ‘Search Licences – 00001.csv’). It is also located in your ‘Downloads’ folder.
      Note: The time it takes to extract licence information depends on the number being exported.
  4. If you have another page of search results to extract, display the next page of search results and repeat step 3.
  5. Open the exported csv file (from the current screen) in Excel:
    • Right click on the file name and select Open to view the details, or
    • Right click and select Show in Folder to open the ‘Downloads’ folder and select the file to open.
  6. Manipulate the columns in the spreadsheet to suit your requirements.
    • If you exported more than one file from your search results, combine the data from each file into one Excel spreadsheet, if required.
      Note: Each page of the search results you export is numbered sequentially, (e.g. the second page of search results exported saves as ‘Search Licences – 00002.csv’).