Spectrum Search Lite screenshots

This page has examples of the screen information you'll see when using the Spectrum Search Lite tool.

Click on images to view full screen.

Part of FM band showing tabular result set with "CH" (Christchurch) district selected:

RSM Spectrum Analyser screen shot [GIF, 28 KB]

Same frequency selection as previous but with map displayed:

RSM Spectrum Analyser map screen shot [GIF, 58 KB]

Shows end of UHF TV band and neighbouring Fixed band:

RSM Spectrum Analyser map screen shot [GIF, 53 KB]

Part of 2 GHz band with a vertical "slice" selected and showing tabular data:

RSM Spectrum Analyser tabular data [GIF, 30 KB]

MF bands showing different ITU allocations:

Screen shot of MF bands [GIF, 43 KB]

Part of 2 GHz band with band plan details shown:

RSM Spectrum Analyser band plan details screen shot [GIF, 27 KB]

Opening Search Form when database is opened in Microsoft Access:

Licence & Management Right Search screen shot [GIF, 9 KB]

Tabular results of Licence Search by Frequency:

Frequency Range Licence Search Results [GIF, 17 KB]

Licence details of first record in previous result:

Licence details screen shot [GIF, 12 KB]