Create a spectrum licence

A step-by-step guide for approved radio engineers and certifiers to create, certify, confirm and submit a new spectrum licence (Form 7) in the Register of Radio Frequencies.

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This guide details the procedure for Approved Radio Engineer’s (AREs), to create a spectrum licence (Form 7) online in the Register of Radio Frequencies (the RRF) without the need to create any physical paperwork. It includes the steps required to confirm a spectrum licence application on behalf of a client.

Create a spectrum licence - high level steps

  1. Log into the RRF using RealMe.
  2. Select Apply/Create > Licence to display the ‘Apply for a New Licence’ screen.
  3. Enter name of the Client and select the Licence type and complete other mandatory fields.
  4. Search for and enter the Management Right.
  5. Click Submit.
  6. Craft the spectrum licence.
  7. Certify and review the details.
  8. Confirm the licence.
  9. Client Band Manager approves the licence.
  10. Pay for the licence.
  11. Receive an email to advise the spectrum licence has been registered.

Download the document

Create a spectrum licence [PDF, 2.2 MB]

Training video: Spectrum Forms

Showcases how forms for spectrum management rights work on the RFF.