Transmissions outside the scope of the General User Radio Licence (GURL) for Satellite Services must be individually licensed. You must get an Approved Radio Certifier (ARC) or Approved Radio Engineer (ARE) to apply for this licence on your behalf.

Radio services to the wider population are increasingly being provided via earth-orbiting satellites. The economic value of communication, digital television, weather information, navigation and other services to New Zealand is immense and increasing steadily over time. Both geostationary and non-geostationary satellites can provide services.

Satellite access may be for fixed purposes over long distances — as an alternative to a terrestrial network — or for maritime and land mobile services. Coordination and licensing of satellite access must be conducted internationally through appropriate agencies.

$150.00 per year.

Additional costs:

An engineering fee, agreed between you and your ARC or ARE.

With this licence you must:

Follow the technical parameters of the licence that is crafted for you. This includes operating:

  • on a specific frequency
  • up to a set power
  • from a defined transmitting location to a defined receiving location.

Pay an annual fee to keep your licence current.

Not operate in a way that causes interference to other radio services.

Satellite policy

For information on the policy regarding satellite services, see the Radio Licence Policy Rules.

Radio Licence Policy Rules (PIB 58) 


  1. Once your the licence is certified you’ll get an email

    Follow the instructions in the email to confirm your licence.

    Make payment if requested.

  2. You’ll receive a further email, confirming that your licence has been granted.

    This contains important information that you need to know about transmitting on your new licence.

  3. Set up your equipment in line with your licence conditions

  4. Start transmitting from the date on your licence.