Step 2: Prepare a product description

You must prepare a product description for each product you want to supply.

What you need a product description for

You’ll need to keep a product description for:

  • all radio products under Level of Conformity 1
  • any EMC products under Level of Conformity 1 you choose to label
  • all level 2, 3, A1, A2 and A3 products.

The product description must have enough information for a person to determine whether the product is the same as a product for which a declaration of conformity was prepared.

What a product description should include

A product description should include:

  • details of what the product is used for
  • the product’s brand name and model number
  • a list of modular pieces or accessories packaged with the product, if relevant
  • the product’s installation manual.

Publicity brochures are often used as product descriptions. These generally contain:

  • a clear photo of the product
  • a circuit diagram
  • the user manual or specifications.