How to become an approved Radio Examiner

To become an Approved Radio Examiner (ARX), you must be competent in the amateur or maritime service, and hold a radio operator's Certificate of Competency .

The role of an ARX

All Maritime and Amateur radio operators must hold a Certificate of Competency and callsign to transmit radiocommunications.

As an Approved Radio Examiner (ARX), you'll be expected to:

  • offer the radio operator’s certificates of competency examinations
  • issue the certificates of competency to successful radio operators after assessment
  • issue callsigns
  • access the Register of Radio Frequencies (RRF) to enter and maintain operator certificates and callsign records.

How to apply

  1. Read the requirements for becoming an ARX, found in PIB 45.
    Requirements for Approved Radio Examiners (PIB 45) 
  2. If you meet the criteria in the PIB, complete and submit the "Application for Approved Radio Examiner (ARX) Status" form (found at the end of PIB 45).
  3. When we receive your application, we'll check it to make sure you meet the criteria
  4. If you're successful:
    • we'll train you to use the RRF to enter radio operator certificates and callsign records
    • you'll be able to use the title Approved Radio Examiner (ARX).
    • your name will be published on our website in the list of ARX's available for work, and
    • you'll have access to our resources.