Auction 10a, Licence for FM sound broadcasting

Auction 10a was for one Christchurch local commercial FM licence, and was conducted by Dunbar Sloane Limited, Wellington at 12:30 pm on Thursday 30 October 2008.

Auction details

The reserve price for the Christchurch local commercial licence was $20,000.

The licence was originally included in Auction 10, held in May 2008, but subsequently became available as a result of the failure of the successful bidder to settle the transaction. The re-auction provided a further opportunity for local commercial operators in Christchurch, including those who didn't bid in Auction 10.

To ensure that the licence remained in local control and serves the local community, the terms and conditions of the auction required that the:

  • successful bidder reside within the coverage area
  • licensee target the needs and expectations of the local community.

Auction results

Lot # Licence ID Type Area Transmit site Freq (MHz) Successful bid
(incl. GST)



Local commercial


Huntsbury Hill



Simons Family Trust