Request transfer - Rightholder only

You can transfer one or more spectrum licences by submitting an online Form 9 'Notice of transfer of spectrum licence' in the Register of Radio Frequencies (RRF). The Rightholder must start this process.

Create a request to transfer a spectrum licence

You must be a Rightholder to submit a request to transfer one or more licences.

  1. Log on to the Register of Radio Frequencies (RRF)(external link) using RealMe.
  2. Select Maintain > Licence  > Transfer. The ‘Request Transfer’ screen displays with details of the Current licence holder displays in the top of the screen.
  3. Go to the New Licences holder section and enter the client number or name in the New client field.
    • Select the name. Their details display below.
      Note: If the client doesn’t exist, contact the RSM Licensing Team.
  4. Scroll to the Licences to be transferred section and search for the licence(s) to transfer:
    • Enter the licence number (if known) or select search criteria in the other field(s) as required.
    • Click Search. The results display.
      Note: You can leave all fields blank and click Search to display all licences.
  5. Click the Select check box in front of the licence(s) you want to transfer.
    • If all licences in the search results list are to be transferred, click the Select check box in the header to select them all.
  6. Click Request Transfer. An effective date and amount screen displays.
    • Enter the Effective date (if difference from today’s date).
    • Enter the Transfer amount (excluding GST) as a whole number, (e.g. enter 10000 for $10,000.00).
  7. Click OK to continue. RRF creates a Form 9 task that displays in your ‘My Dashboard’ screen.

Confirm the Form 9 and submit

  1. Locate the Form 9 task in the Tasks area of your ‘My Dashboard’.
  2. Click Open to display the ‘Form 9 notice of transfer of spectrum licence’ screen with the Submit call to action.
  3. Review details of the spectrum licence(s) being transferred, (e.g. effective date, transfer amount, licences being transferred, etc).
    • If you decide you need to cancel this transfer, click Cancel. The Form 9 and the transfer application will be discarded.
  4. Click Submit. A confirmation message displays.
  5. Click OK to continue. RRF displays a message at the top of the screen advising the Form 9 has been sent to the Licensing Team for Review. You will receive an email notification when registered.
    • RRF inserts the Rightholder’s name, Role, Organisation, Management right number and date in the Signed by area of the Form 9.

Note: An incomplete Form 9 will automatically discard after 1 month.