Area Search (Licences) in the RRF

Area Search (Licences) allows all users to search the Register of Radio Frequencies (RRF) for licences within a certain radius from a nominated point.

All users can perform an Area Search in the RRF using the ‘Search Licences’ screen. This can be done using text fields and/or using the map. When searching using the map you may also need to use the text fields, depending on the accuracy you require.

Note: Only licences with ‘point’ or ‘multiple-point’ locations will be found – licences with ‘name' or ‘defined area’ locations such as ‘All New Zealand’, ‘North Island’ or ‘Auckland City TLA’ will NOT be found.

Area search for licences using the Map

Follow these steps to perform an area search.

  1. Click the Register of Radio Frequencies (RRF)(external link) link in the top right of the Radio Spectrum Management website.
  2. Select Search > Search Licences from the menu (or click the Search Licences box on RRF welcome page). The ‘Search Licence’ screen displays.
    • If the map is not displayed, click Show Map.
    • If your current location is active, a blue icon marks the location on the map.
      • To activate your location, click the My Location icon in the top right of the Map screen.My location icon
  3. Zoom the map to where you want to mark the area of interest for your licence search.
  4. Double click the location on the map to mark the starting point of the radius. The active blue icon displays where you clicked.
  5. To mark your area of interest:
    • Hover over the blue icon on the map until a pointed finger displays.
    • Click and drag to mark the radius size you require, then click and release the mouse. As you draw the radius area displays as a shaded area.
  6. If you need to mark an exact radius on the map:
    • Click Show search (if the text fields are hidden) to display the ‘Search Licence’ screen.
    • Click Advanced search to display additional fields.
    • Adjust the Radius (km) field to the size you require.
  7. Click Search. The map zooms to show the first page of search results on the map. The same results are listed below in the search results area.
    • Use the map functionality to zoom and view the licences you require.
    • If there is another page of search results, select the next page to view those results on the map. Alternatively, change the number of results that display per page in the top of the search results area.
    • For more detailed information about area searching for licences, refer to Search Licences and Using the Map [PDF, 1.5 MB]

Note: Authorised users can extract their search results and save to a file in a csv format, refer to Extracting licence data.

Training video: Search

Showcases the various search options for the RRF and how results are displayed.