Search licences

A step-by-step guide for all users to search for licences in the Register of Radio Frequencies (RRF).

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Search Licences is the quickest way to search the following options:

  • Licences held within the Register of Radio Frequencies (the RRF)
  • Licenses held within a specific frequency range
  • Multiple licences belonging to a person or organisation, management right or location.
  • View the location of licences on the map.

Tip: The less information entered in text search fields the more results will be returned. Likewise, more information entered returns less results.

Search Licences

Follow these steps to search for licences in the Register of Radio Frequencies (RRF).

  1. Click the Register of Radio Frequencies(external link) (RRF) link in the top right of the Radio Spectrum Management website to display the RRF welcome page.
  2. Select Search > Licences from the menu (or click the ‘Search Licences’ box on RRF welcome page). The ‘Search Licence’ screen displays.
    • Click Hide Map to hide the map screen, (optional).
  3. Enter your search criteria in the relevant fields.
    Tip: Click (Information icon) to view help text for the adjacent field.
    • Alternatively add an area search using the map. Double click the location on the map to set a point then drag the point to select a radius.
      Refer to Area Search (Licences) in the RRF
  4. Click Search. The result of your search displays.
    • If you elected to show the map, the search results display on the map and in the search results list below.
    • If you elected to hide the map, you only see the search results. Click Show Search to display the search fields again, if required.
  5. To view your search results the way you want:
    • Click Hide Map or Show Map buttons to hide or show the map.
    • Click Show Search or Hide Search to show or hide the search text fields.
    • Scroll down the screen to view the list of Search results.
      Note: If you have more than one page of search results, the same results display on the map (if displayed) as those listed on the current page of the search results. When you select to display the next page of results, the map screen updates to reflect the new page of results.
  6. To view details of licences, either:

Note: Authorised users can extract their search results and save to a file in a csv format.

Refer to Extracting licence data

Search examples

  • Search using Licence number, Licence ID, Licensee name, Client number, NZBN or Application number:
    • Enter the all or part of the number or name in the Search field
    • Click Search to display the results.
  • Search by frequency:
    • Enter the Frequency in the Frequency (MHz) field OR enter a frequency range in the Frequency range (MHz)
    • Click Search to display the results.
  • Search by location:
    • Start typing a location in the Location field then select the location name from the list. (You can enter more than one location.)
    • Click Search to display the results.
  • Search by area Refer to Area Search (Licences) in the RRF

Training video: Search

Showcases the various search options for the RRF and how results are displayed.