Step 5: Gather your product documentation

You must keep compliance documentation for each product you intend to supply to the market.

What you need

For every product you supply, you must have:

  • a product description
  • a signed Supplier Declaration of Conformity (SDoC), to certify that the product meets the appropriate standards
  • a test report or other documented evidence of conformity, like a manufacturer’s specification.

These documents make up your compliance declaration for a product.

You can keep paper or electronic copies of each document. If you keep paper-based documentation, you’ll need to store it at your place of business.

You’ll also need to keep compliance documentation for any product you stop supplying to the market for a further five years.

Supplier audits

If you’re audited, this information is what our Radio Investigator will use to check for evidence of compliance.

See Supplier audits for more information.