Auction 19, Licences for FM sound broadcasting

Auction 19, for 3 spectrum licences, was conducted as an online auction via the Trade Me website on 4– 11 March 2020.

Sound Broadcasting Auction Catalogue for Auction 19 [PDF, 836 KB]

Licence Transmit Location Frequency (MHz FM) Reserve Price (Incl. GST) Final Price (Incl. GST) Winning Bidder Licence No.
Main St Methven 104.5 $1,479 $11,000 Brian FM 270401
Putaruru Reservoir 104.2 $2,700 $24,050 Mediaworks Radio Limited 270402
Main St Methven 100.5 $1,510 $20,000 Brian FM 271506

The auction was managed by Skylark on behalf of Radio Spectrum Management.

Skylarc online auctions experts website(external link)

Terms and conditions for the winning bidder

You must:

  • Set up your broadcasting service within 2 years of getting your licence. You need to be on air within 21 months or you could lose your frequency.
  • Pay an annual fee of $150.00 per year to keep your licence current. Each licence is valid until 2 April 2031.

View the Sound Broadcasting Auction 19 2020 sample contract agreement [DOCX, 204 KB]

Having a licence doesn’t automatically give you the right to broadcast from a certain site. You'll need to talk to the site owner or landlord to get approval to broadcast from your preferred location.

General information for broadcasters and bidders

You can modify the licence parameters from those currently licensed. You need to get an Approved Radio Engineer (ARE) to do this for you and pay engineering fees agreed with your ARE. We won’t accept modifications if they substantially decrease service to the public.

Find an Approved Radio Engineer (ARE)

You may need to pay:

  • A one off resource charge when the licence is modified for an increase in population coverage.
  • Levies to the Broadcasting Standards Authority (BSA) under the Broadcasting Act 1989.
  • Performing rights and artist copy right or royalty fees to OneMusic NZ.

Broadcasting Standards Authority website(external link)

OneMusic NZ website(external link)