Auction 14, Licences for FM sound broadcasting

Auction 14, for 5 spectrum licences, was conducted as an online auction via the Trade Me website on 3rd Nov 2017.

Auction 14 details

Auction 14 was managed by Turners, and held on the Trade Me website on behalf of Radio Spectrum Management, Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment (MBIE).

FM Licences Auction Catalogue: Radio Frequency Auction No.14 [PDF, 743 KB]

Auction 14 results

Licence transmit location Frequency (MHz) Reserve price
(GST incl)
Final price
(GST incl)
Winning bidder Licence ID
(with link to the Register)
91 Centennial Drive, Whitianga 95.1 $4,761 $32,300 Radio Whitianga Limited 191910(external link)
Lower Rataroa 106.0 $10,579 $40,200 NZME 179701(external link)
Grampians 105.6 $74,602 $173,400 Brian FM Limited 189412(external link)
Hollow Top (Marlborough Lines) 105.9 $1,150 $1,150 Brian FM Limited 192104(external link)
Wallace Peak 106.1 $1,615 $2,400 Brian FM Limited 192145(external link)