Search callsigns

A step-by-step guide for all users to search for callsigns in the Register of Radio Frequencies (RRF).

This process only applies to callsigns that are registered online using RRF. Most maritime radio licences are issued by the Coastguard(external link) and are not recorded in the RRF.

Search Callsigns

All users can search for Callsigns in the Aeronautical, Amateur and Maritime bands in the RRF. Only approved users can view details of a callsign record.

  1. Click the Register of Radio Frequencies (RRF)(external link) link in the top right of the Radio Spectrum Management website.
  2. Select Search > Callsigns from the menu (or click the Search Callsigns box on RRF welcome page). The ‘Search Callsigns’screen displays.
  3. Select an option in the Search field to base your search on, (i.e. Callsign, Vessel name, MMSI, SCN).
  4. Enter other search criteria to narrow your search, as required. For example:
    • Enter information in the corresponding field for your selected type of search:
      • Callsign (e.g. ZL for amateur, ZM for maritime and ZK for aircraft)
      • Vessel name
      • MMSI (Maritime Mobile Service Identify) is a series of 9 digits.
      • SCN (Selective Call Number) is a series of 5 digits
    • Start typing the name of the client in the Client field, then select the relevant client in the list.
  5. Click Search. The results display below.
    • To sort your results (ascending or descending), click the column heading(s).
  6. To view details of the client:
    • Click the Client Number for the callsign in the search results area. The ‘View Client’ screen displays.
    • Click Back to return to the search results in the ‘Search Callsign’ screen.

Tip: To view all callsigns, select Callsign in the Search field and click Search.

Note: Authorised users can export their search results and save to a file in a csv format.

Extracting licence data

Some points to note

  • Only maritime call signs (ZM) have a vessel name associated with them.
  • There are two types of ‘Licence ID’:
    • 'Maritime GURL' - means the vessel is operating under the conditions of the Maritime Purposes General User Radio Licence. This means you can transmit without the need to get a licence in your own name or pay licence fees.
    • A numerical Licence ID - this is an individual licence which incurs an annual licence fee.