Tunnel Radio FM Systems GUSL

This General User Spectrum Licence covers the operation of radio transmitting equipment used for providing continuity of FM broadcasting stations in underground locations including road and railway tunnels.

About this General User Spectrum Licence (GUSL)

The licence you operate under is a General User Spectrum Licence (GUSL). This means you can transmit without the need to get a licence in your own name or pay licence fees.

You share the spectrum with licensed FM broadcast services. You may suffer interference from licensed broadcast services. You must accept this interference.


You can search for this GUSL licence in the Register of Radio Frequencies (RRF) under Licence number 225828(external link).


$0.00 — there's no fee for a General User Spectrum Licence (GUSL). All fees associated with this licence are paid for by Radio Spectrum Management (RSM).

Your responsibilities

You must follow the technical parameters and conditions of the licence, which include operating on specific frequencies in the band and up to a set power in an underground location.

You must not operate in a way that causes interference to other radio services. If you cause interference to other paid radio licensed services, you must stop transmitting.

Your equipment

Your equipment must comply with the relevant technical parameters for this licence.