Fixed service review

Fixed services provide long and short distance backhaul for telecommunications and broadcasting services across New Zealand. In 2015 we consulted on proposed rule changes for the deployment and use of fixed services in New Zealand.

Discussion document

The discussion document set out a number of proposed:

  • rule changes governing the deployment and use of fixed services across New Zealand
  • alterations to some fixed service channel plans.

Fixed service review discussion document [PDF, 933 KB]

Submissions received

Submissions closed at 12pm on Sunday, 15 March 2015. 17 submissions were received:

A summary of submissions is also available.

Summary of submissions on the 2015 Fixed Service Discussion Document [PDF, 349 KB]


After considering the submissions on the discussion document, the following changes were made in 2015:

  • Digital services allowed in STL bands, where they were not previously.
  • Minimum spectral efficiency raised from 1 bit per second per hertz to 2 bits per second per hertz on new services.
  • Equipment deployed for fixed service use operating between 6 and 38 GHz needs to meet EN 302 217-2-2.
  • ITU-R F 1191 must be taken into account when deploying a fixed service.
  • Re-labelling of fixed service bands between 2 and 15 GHz to correspond to frequency-related designators.