174-184 MHz — Land Mobile Radio technical consultation

The Minister for Communications decided new uses for the former analogue television Band III (174-230 MHz) in April 2017, following a review of options for allocating the frequencies in this band. One of the new uses was land mobile radio services, which was allocated 10 MHz between 174-184 MHz.

Discussion document

We prepared a consultation document concerning technical specifications for land mobile radio services operating in these frequencies.

The document covers:

  • the licensing regime to be used
  • the allocation mechanism
  • allocation terms and conditions, and
  • the approach to and details of any technical specifications.

174 to 184 MHz: Land Mobile Radio technical consultation October 2017 [PDF, 517 KB]

Interested parties were invited to comment on the questions raised by the consultation document, and other matters related to land mobile radio services operating in 174-184 MHz.

Submissions received

Submissions closed at 5pm on Wednesday, 13 December 2017. Eight submissions were received, and are listed below:


We reviewed the submissions, and the new spectrum for land mobile radio (the G band) was introduced in mid-2018. Public Information Brochures 24, 39 and 59 were updated to contain the band plan, technical rules for the G band.

See Review of options for 174-230 MHz