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Auction 22, Licences for FM sound broadcasting

When someone applies for a licence, we call for expressions of interest (EOI). The licences for sale are:

Licence Transmit Location


Reserve Price
(Incl. GST)

Licence No

Mt Stuart (Clutha District) 104.9 $3,807 278146(external link)
Richardson Road (Gore District) 104.0 $6,558 278147(external link)
Hilltop (Christchurch City) 100.7 $1,150 278148(external link)
Lyttelton (Christchurch City) 105.3 $2,851 278149(external link)

A public auction for these licences will start on Wednesday 21 October 2020 on the Trade Me website, for a duration of seven days.  Skylarc will manage the auction. 

The licences are in the Crown’s name. We will transfer the licence(s) to the winning bidder(s) once you've paid Skylarc and signed the Crown's Agreement.  Signing the agreement enforces the implementation rules for you to get your licence.  This means  you must:

  • Pay the winning bid price for the auction lot(s).
  • Set up your broadcasting service within 2 years of getting your licence. You need to be on air within 21 months or you could lose your frequency.
  • Pay an annual fee to keep your licence current. The licence is valid until 2 April 2031.

You can change the licence parameters from those currently licensed.  You need to get an approved radio engineer to do this.  We won’t accept modifications if they substantially decrease service to the public.

View the Sound Broadcasting Auction Catalogue for Auction 22 [PDF, 541 KB]

View the Sound Broadcasting Auction 22 sample contract agreement [DOCX, 203 KB]

​View Skylarc Asset Realisation's Homepage(external link)

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