Activate your account

You need to activate your account and set up your username and password before you can log on to the Register of Radio Frequencies (RRF).

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Activation code

An activation code is a unique alphanumeric code. We email this to you to activate your account and set up your username and password in the Register.

Activate your account

To activate your account:

  1. Select the activation link in your email. This will take you to the Register of Radio Frequencies (RRF).
  2. Select the Activate Account icon on the home page.
  3. Copy and paste the activation code we sent you into the User Account Activation Code field.
  4. Enter the same email address you used when you applied to become a user into the Email Address field.
  5. Select [Activate]. The User Details screen displays your details.
  6. Select [Continue]. This brings up the Logon Details screen.
  7. Select the hyperlinks at the bottom of the page and read our Terms, Conditions and Privacy Statement.
    • You'll get a message asking you to this before you can continue.
    • Tick the checkbox confirming that you have.
  8. Complete the mandatory fields. They are marked with an asterisk*.
  9. Select [Save]. You will get an email confirming you’re registered as a client. The Complete User Account Creation pop up window opens.
  10. Choose one of the two payment options, and then select [Continue]:
    1. Select Yes if you want to pay by direct debit, and make sure you have your bank details handy.
    2. Select No if you want to pay by another method (credit card, debit card, internet banking or direct credit). You're returned to the Welcome page in the Register and your activation is complete.

Pay by direct debit

  1. Enter your bank details into the Bank Details form on screen and select [Save]. You'll receive an email with a Direct Debit Authority form attached.
  2. Follow the instructions on-screen then select [Continue]. This will take you to the Account Activation Complete screen.
  3. You’re activation is now complete.
  4. Complete the Direct Debit Authority form. Follow the instruction in the email to do this. Post the form back to us using the address at the top of the page.
  5. We'll notify you when your direct debit is set up. Until then, you can pay fees by another option.

We send emails to you when your licence payment is due, so make sure your update your account details if it changes. 

Keep your details secure

We recommend you store your new username and password in a safe place for future reference.

Your username and passwords is unique to you. Don't give it out to anyone. If you employ an approved person to do work on your behalf, they will use their own username and password to logon to the RRF.

Your name will appear in the top left of screen every time you logon to the RRF. If an approved person is working on your behalf, their name will appear in the top left of screen.