Transfer a spectrum licence

You can transfer a spectrum licence anytime in the Register of Radio Frequencies (RRF).

About spectrum licence transfers

Spectrum licences are held in a Crown or Privately-owned 'Management Right'. The Management Right covers a block of the radio spectrum and is owned by a 'Manager.' The Manager can grant spectrum licence frequencies within the band to a 'Rightholder' (Licence holder).

To transfer a spectrum licence:

  • the Rightholder always initiate the process, and
  • the Manager approves or declines the transfer.

If a spectrum licence falls across more than one Management Right, all Managers’ will get an email to authorise the transfer.

A spectrum licence transfer is not valid until the Form 9 is registered in the RRF. This means the new rightholder can't start broadcasting until the licence registration commences.

If you don't authorise the Form 9 transfer within 1 month, it will be automatically discarded.

If the transfer is not needed, the Form 9 can be:

  • discarded by the Rightholder
  • declined by the Manager.

In this section

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