Renew your licence

To keep your radio and spectrum licences current, you need to renew them every year.

About renewing licences

Radio and spectrum licence(s) are due for renewal on the anniversary month, as shown on the Licence Summary screen in the Register of Radio Frequencies (RRF).

For help with finding this, see Search the Register of Radio Frequencies (RRF)(external link)

We send a notification to your email address when your licence(s) are due for payment. Make sure you keep this up-to-date.

For help with this, see Update your client record

How to renew your licence

  1. To renew your radio or spectrum licence(s) by logging on to the RRF, then select Manage Licences > Pay Annual Licence Fees (Renewals) from the main menu.

If you want to pay by Credit Card without logging on, you can select the link in the renewals email we sent you: "You can renew your licences by Credit Card without logging on at". This action only allows you to renew your licence(s) — you can't do other online transactions using this option.

  1. In the Pay Annual Licence Fees (Renewals) screen you'll see a list of licences due for renewal.
  2. Tick the Renew checkbox of the licences you want to renew — if you want to renew them all Select: All and [Continue].

Before ticking the Renew box, you have the option to cancel any unwanted radio licences to avoid paying renewal fees.

Cancel a radio licence if your fees are due

Note: The checkbox to cancel a spectrum licence from the renewals screen will not be available. Cancelling a spectrum licence is a different process due to the need to submit an online Form 10 Notice of cancellation to the Registrar

Cancel a spectrum licence

  1. The selected licences will display on screen with a summary of the total fees payable. Please note the important message before you select [Continue].
  2. Make payment.