Renew your licence

To keep your radio and spectrum licences current, you need to renew them every year.

About renewing your licence

Radio and spectrum licences are due for renewal on the anniversary month, as shown on the ‘Licence Summary’ screen in the Register of Radio Frequencies (RRF). For help with finding this, go to Search licences.

We send a notification to your email address when your licences are due for payment. Make sure you keep this up-to-date. For help with this, go to Update your client record.

When logged into the RRF, the ‘My Dashboard’ screen will display a Pay Fees (Renewal) button to pay licence renewal fees for one, some or all licence renewals currently due.

Before indicating the licences to renew, you have the option to cancel any unwanted Radio licences to avoid paying renewal fees. To cancel a Spectrum licence you need to submit a Form 10, Notice of cancellation to the Registrar.

How to renew your licence

  1. Select the Register of Radio Frequencies (RRF)(external link)in the top right of the RSM Website.
  2. Login using RealMe and select the role or client you represent. The ‘My Dashboard’ screen displays.
  3. Click Pay fees (Renewals) in the top section of the screen. The list of all licence(s) currently due for renewal displays.
  4. To review the details of a licence due for renewal, click View. (You can pay the renewal fee form there, if required).
  5. Click the Select check box in front of the licence to renew.
    • If you have multiple licences to select, use the radio button options above the list to select them. For example:
      • All – to select all licences.
      • This page – to select only licences displayed on the current page of results.
      • None – to deselect all licences selected.
  6. If there is any licence you don’t want to renew, do not select it. You can cancel it later:
  7. To pay the renewal fee for the selected licence(s), click Pay fees.
  8. Go to Make a payment.