Get a licence to supply radio equipment

With this licence you can import and/or supply radio transmitting equipment in New Zealand.

About this licence

With this licence you can import and/or supply radio equipment by way of sale, exchange, lease or hire-purchase. You can also apply for an endorsement to supply unrestricted two-way radios, used in amateur radio operations.


$0.00 — there's no charge for this licence.

Your responsibilities

If you're granted a licence to supply radio equipment, you must:

  • follow the conditions on your licence, and
  • provide monthly returns of your imports and sales (or a nil return that covers your transactions), including the:
    • name of the supplier
    • licence number of the ‘Licence to supply radio transmitters’
    • details of the person you supplied the equipment to, including:
      • their name, callsign, address and phone number
      • the date the equipment was supplied, and
      • the make, model and serial number of the equipment.


  1. Complete and submit the relevant application form, for a individual or business supplier:
  2. Follow the instructions in the email we send you to activate your account in the Register of Radio Frequencies (RRF).
  3. Log into the RRF and select Licence to Supply from the main menu.
  4. Enter your details and [Save]. You're now set up as a user in the RRF.

We'll set you up as a registered supplier in the Register of Radio Frequencies (Register). You'll get a ‘Licence to supply’ Client ID.

You'll also get an emailed activation code to set up your username and password. If you misplace your activation code you can request a new one.

Import and supply of unrestricted two-way radios

Once you have a licence to supply, you can apply for an endorsement to import and supply unrestricted two-way radios to the amateur market. To apply, email

If approved, we'll endorse your licence by adding special conditions that you must meet.

Prohibition Notice Radiocommunications Regulations (Prohibited Equipment – Unrestricted Two Way Radio) Notice 2018