Using non-compliant Multi-Use Radio Service (MURS) devices

Devices that operate on the MURS frequency band are illegal to supply and operate in NZ.

These devices are designed to operate on US allocated frequencies between 151-154 MHz.  In NZ these frequencies are allocated to Land Mobile services and need a licence crafted by an engineer.  Operating a MURS device in NZ can cause interference to critical radio services.

Examples of MURS radio devices are:

  • low power handheld 2-way radios
  • animal tracking devices
  • short range intercoms
  • range extenders for smartphones.

If you plan to import or buy equipment operating in the frequency range 151-154 MHz online or overseas, check with us first. 

You can face infringement penalties ranging from $350 to $1700 if you import or operate a MURS device. Prosecution is also likely for serious non-compliance.

Contact us for advice about MURS devices