Radio Spectrum Business Update – July 2024

Read the Radio Spectrum Business Update for July 2024.

In this issue:

  • Auction of FM Sound Broadcasting Spectrum Licences
  • Seminar on Becoming an Approved Radio Certifier (ARC)

Auction of FM Sound Broadcasting Spectrum Licences

Auction hammer being used.

Radio Spectrum Management has announced details for the auction of three FM sound broadcasting spectrum licences following an expression of interest process:

  • Kurow Exchange (Waitaki District) 92.0 MHz, licence number 412412, reserve price $1,150 incl. GST.
  • Kurow Exchange (Waitaki District) 93.6 MHz, licence number 412414, reserve price $1,150 incl. GST.
  • Waihi (Hauraki District) 92.2 MHz, licence number 412904, reserve price $2,357 incl. GST.

Auction 28 will be managed by Skylarc with the licences sold on the Trade Me website. The auction will start on 14 August 2024 and run for seven days until 21 August 2024.

The term of each licence is valid until 2 April 2031 provided the successful party meets the implementation criteria.

Licences for auction

Read more about Skylarc(external link)

Seminar on Becoming an Approved Radio Certifier (ARC)

Person behind glass screen pointing to Online training hexagon.

A recent seminar on becoming an Approved Radio Certifier (ARC) was conducted on 5th June 2024, attracting professionals from the radio industry. The seminar aimed to raise awareness about the ARC certification process, detailing the steps, qualifications, and technical knowledge required for certification. Participants were provided with an overview of the role and responsibilities of ARCs. The seminar was productive, with active engagement from attendees, who provided valuable feedback. This feedback will be valuable in developing and improving our training processes as the seminar will serve as a case study to improve our future training sessions. Future seminars will be held to continue raising awareness and providing support for industry professionals interested in becoming certified ARCs.