Is your mobile signal booster approved?

Is your mobile signal booster approved? If you are thinking about buying or using a mobile booster or repeater you need to check with your mobile service provider first.

Online shopping is now the norm, but not everything bought online is approved for use in New Zealand. An increasing number of unapproved mobile signal boosters promising better cell phone coverage are being sold online and can cause a number of problems across the cellular network.

Mobile signal boosters must be approved to confirm that they will not disrupt our cellular networks, which can affect both the buyer's signal and neighbouring users. If you use an unapproved booster, you could also face legal consequences.

Identifying whether a booster is approved or not can be a challenge. They are often sold on professional-looking websites and look like the real-deal. But they might not be. We urge consumers to contact their cell phone provider before buying a signal booster, or to get information from us at Radio Spectrum Management.

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