Auction for 6-month exclusive right to license in 3.30 - 3.34 GHz

On 3 April 2023 we announced the assignment of 3.30 – 3.34 GHz band for non-national/regional broadband and opened expressions of interest in a 6-month exclusive right to place licences within a Territorial Local Authority.

All Lots (i.e. both 20MHz channels in every TLA) received 2 or more expressions of interest. On this basis we now announce an auction for all 6-month exclusive rights. The auctions will close over 3 to 5 May 2023. 

Further information on this assignment and auction have been made available on the website including:

  • Auction catalogue;
  • Template contracts for the 6-month rights and licence agreement; and
  • Technical requirements for licensing in the band.

Current and upcoming spectrum auctions

Public information brochures (PIBs) 39 and 59 have been edited to reflect the addition of this spectrum

The Public information brochures (PIBs) detail radio spectrum usage, fixed and mobile service band plans and the radio licensing policies that apply in Crown Management Rights in New Zealand. PIBs 39 and 59 have been updated as part of this 3.30 – 3.34 GHz assignment.

PIB 39 outlines the requirements for certifying spectrum licences in Crown management rights.

Spectrum Licence Certification Rules for Crown Management Rights (PIB 39)

PIB 59 contains the policy rules for licences within Management rights that the Crown administers.

Policy rules for Crown Spectrum Management Rights (PIB 59)