Auction 20 update: Draft Bidder Registration Pack released for comment

Key draft documentation to be included in the Auction 20 Bidder Registration Pack (see below) is now available.

These documents include:

  • Auction Guide
  • Auction Catalogue
  • Management Rights Agreement
  • Sample bidder registration form
  • Sample bid forms
  • Placement price methodology.

You can access these documents here.

RSM is inviting comments on matters of clarification or to correct any errors and/or omissions in the above documents. Please submit comments by email to before 4:00 PM on Monday 17 February.

We will review submissions and publish the final Bidder Registration Pack when registration for the auction opens in the week beginning 24 February 2020.

RSM obligations under the Official Information Act

Submissions are subject to the Official Information Act 1982. If you have any objection to the release of any information in your submission, please set this out clearly with your submission. In particular, identify which part(s) you consider should be withheld, and explain the reasons(s) for withholding the information. The Ministry will take such objections into account when responding to requests under the Official Information Act 1982.

Privacy Act 1993

The Privacy Act 1993 establishes certain principles with respect to the collection, use and disclosure by various agencies, including the Ministry, of information relating to individuals and access by individuals to information relating to them, held by such agencies. Any personal information you supply to the Ministry in the course of making a submission will be used by the Ministry in conjunction with consideration of matters covered by this document only. Please clearly indicate in your submission if you do not wish your name to be included in any summary the Ministry may prepare for public release on submissions received.