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Call for Expressions of Interest in commercial AM and FM sound broadcasting licences

RSM invites interested parties to apply for licences for commercial AM and FM sound broadcasting. This follows a Ministerial directive after Auction 13. To apply for licences, you need to use an Approved Radio Engineer.

We will notify interested parties of the licences applied for. Notification will be via our website and the RSM Business Update newsletter.

An application has been received for the following AM sound broadcasting spectrum licence:

Transmit Location Frequency (KHz) Licence ID Reserve Price
including GST
Horokiwi 1566 236939(external link) $19,442

Radio Spectrum Management is seeking expressions of interest in this commercial AM licence, closing 5pm on 27 May 2022.

Following this, a decision will be made to determine if the licence can be allocated by direct sale or by a competitive allocation process.