• Auction 17

    Auction 17, for 5 spectrum licences, was conducted as an online auction via the Trade Me website on 3-10 April 2019.

  • Auction 16

    Auction 16, for 1 spectrum licence, was conducted as an online auction via the Trade Me website on 15th October 2018.

  • Auction 15

    Auction 15, for 2 spectrum licences, was conducted as an online auction via the Trade Me website on 5th July 2018.

  • Auction 14

    Auction 14, for 5 spectrum licences, was conducted as an online auction via the Trade Me website on 3rd Nov 2017.

  • Auction 13a

    In late December 2014, we called for expressions of interest in the licences that were not sold in Auction 13. These licences were offered via a closed allocation process to parties who expressed interest.

  • Auction 13

    Auction 13 was conducted online through the Turners and Trade Me websites. It took place over a 7 day period, running from 27 November until 3 December 2014. 172 licenses were offered for sale in the auction.

  • Auction 12

    Auction 12 was for 9 lots comprising 2 x 5 MHz spectrum in the bands 703-748 MHz and 758-803 MHz. It was held over several months in 2013, and was completed in 2014.

  • Auction 11

    Auction 11, Licences for FM sound broadcasting, was held on Tuesday 31 March 2009. Dunbar Sloane Limited conducted the auction at its premises in Wellington.

  • Auction 10a

    Auction 10a was for one Christchurch local commercial FM licence, and was conducted by Dunbar Sloane Limited, Wellington at 12:30 pm on Thursday 30 October 2008.

  • Auction 10

    On Thursday 22 May 2008 Auction 10 was held for additional television, AM and FM broadcasting licences.

  • Auction 9

    Radio spectrum Auction 9, Management rights for cellular at 2.3 & 2.5 GHz, successfully concluded on Tuesday 18 December 2007.

  • Auction 8

    In 2006 Radio Spectrum Management (RSM) allocated local area licences in the 3.5GHz band Management Rights held by the Crown for the implementation of local and regional wireless broadband access services.

  • Auction 7

    Three spectrum licences suitable for VHF-FM broadcasting in the Waihi area were auctioned by Dunbar Sloane Ltd at their auction room in Wellington on 8 October 2004.

  • Auction 6

    In September 2003 an auction for additional television, AM and FM broadcasting licences was announced. The internet-based auction commenced on 18 November 2003. There were 4 separate schedules of lots, which each concluded separately.

  • Management right for telecommunications purposes (1.7 GHz)

    This tender was for a single management right that was offered but not sold in either Auction 3 or 5.

  • Auction 5

    This internet-based auction for management rights for cellular (900 MHz), Wireless Local Loop (3.5 GHz) and telecommunication purposes (1.7 GHz and 24 GHz) was held in July 2002.

  • Auction 4

    This was an internet-based auction of spectrum licences for broadcasting services in the AM and FM sound broadcasting bands and the VHF and UHF television broadcasting bands. It took place on Monday 16 November 1998.

  • Auction 3

    41 Management Rights, and 995 spectrum licences for fixed links within these management rights, were auctioned in July 2000. The 2.1GHz management rights and their pairs were also known at the time as the 3G cellular bands.

  • Auction 2

    Auction 2 was held in January 1998, and sold management rights at 26GHz for Local Multipoint Distribution Service (LMDS) use, VHF and UHF spectrum licences for television broadcasting, and spectrum licences for FM sound broadcasting.

  • Auction 1

    In September 1996, Radio Spectrum Management (RSM) offered spectrum by auction for the first time, rather than the tender methodology used previously.