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Resources for AREs and ARCs

Certification of licences

Preparing of spectrum licences:

Spectrum Licences can only be certified by an Approved Radio Engineer (ARE).

For more information on engineering spectrum licences in Crown management rights, read the spectrum licence engineering rules and spectrum licence policy rules.

For information on preparing online spectrum licence forms and other licensing functions, go to the Register user guides for approved persons.


Preparing of radio licences:

Radio Licences can be certified by ARE or Approved Radio Certifiers (ARC).

For more information on engineering radio licences, read the radio licence engineering rules and radio licence policy rules.

Further information on other licensing functions is also available in the Register user guides for approved persons.


Radio Spectrum Management (RSM) reference documents


New Zealand frequency reservations


National resources

The Radiocommunications Act

Radio Regulations

AIP New Zealand - Aeronautical Information
This resource includes aerodrome charts, en-route flight charts and flight rules. A list of radio communications facilities is also available in GEN Services GEN3.7.

New Zealand Standards


International resources

ITU Recommendations and International Radio Regulations

ICAO publications

ETSI Standards


Applying for ARE or ARC status

For information on how to become an Approved Person refer to Applications and requirements for approved radio engineers and approved radio certifiers (PIB 34), and send us a completed application form which can be found at the end of PIB 34.


Auditing of AREs/ARCs

RSM undertakes auditing of licence certificates to ensure compliance with the Act, Regulations, technical compatibility, best practice in radio spectrum engineering and the ongoing competency of the Approved Person. For more information refer to Audit Procedures for Engineering Certificates (PIB 40). This document outlines the RSM process for ARE and ARC audits.


Further assistance

For further assistance email rsmlicensing@mbie.govt.nz or phone 0508 RSM INFO (0508 776 463). International callers please phone +64 3 962 2603.


Last updated 8 December 2014